While Brick and stone masonry are some of the most enduring building materials available, it is still necessary to maintain and repair periodically.

Over time, elements of nature such as biological and chemical weathering, cause slow deterioration to all masonry buildings. Left without proper maintenance, the deterioration worsens exponentially.

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Kansas City Masonry Restoration and Preservation Services partners with a wide range of clients, from homeowners to building managers to reverse the damaging effects of time and nature through knowledgeable and appropriate techniques.

Every building and client’s needs are unique; we tailor each project to fit those requirements

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Kansas City Masonry revitalizing masonry and brick in a historic home


Kansas City Masonry has restored historic houses in for more than 10 years — knowledge and experience — to preserve some of the historic structures in the Kansas City area. These structures are my legacy that I leave behind for my children and future generations to enjoy.”Kansas City Masonry  challenging and exciting.

Finding the right materials to restore such homes can be difficult. most replacement masonry materials are no longer available at brick and stone yards. Tuckpointing by Kansas City Masonry  We must locate salvaged materials, sometimes searching outside the United States for materials that match.

“Sometimes, to get the replacement brick we have to search other states and wait a few months or even years, “It is even harder to get sandstone replaced. Almost all quarries in [the United States] are closed, and we have to get stone from Europe.”

But hunting and pecking for the perfect materials makes all the difference for homes .Some house stands apart from other homes , Some exterior is a combination of brick and Kansas  limestone,..
Matching and replacing old bricks

To complete some  restoration projects, we have to find  matching Victorian-era bricks — some from out of state — to replace some home’s water-damaged front and side walls. We have also also rebuilt some home’s chimney tops, shaping them to an accurate reflection of the size and detail of chimneys caps from the 1880s. We removed years' worth of white paint covering the window’s copper ornamentation and restored the frame back to its metallic shimmer.

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Like the fine landmark buildings that we restore, our firm embodies many of the same old world traditions and values that set us apart from others in the restoration field – a care for the craft, attention to detail, and a vast body of experience on which to draw.

Our clients have been among the most recognized names in KANSAS CITY –  Each year, more than half of our business comes from repeat clients who recognize and value the quality and high standards of our work.

Our firm is also unique in that all work within our areas of specialization is executed by our own regularly employed craftsmen. We continue with this tradition to maintain the highest level of quality control.
Kansas City Masonry at the ASTM E2659-09 SPC Historic Masonry Terra Cotta Training class